Flawless Foundation Brush

Dear Beautiful, 

I have never been a fan of foundation brushes. Often times, they would leave my foundation streaky. The brushes did not allow me to properly blend. When I read magazines, blogs, or watched videos I always saw girls using the flat square foundation  brushes and the foundation seamlessly melting into their skin. I felt like an idiot because I could not for the life of me figure it out. So, instead, I used my hands or a sponge. I was not the biggest fan of these methods either. My hands would be  covered in foundation or the sponge sucked up most of the product. However I made do, I refused to use a brush. 

Over my time span of being obsessed with makeup, the application process has progressed. Different brushes have become more accessible to the average consumer. Instead using the white wedge sponges at CVS I progressed to the beauty blender (possibly one of the best inventions that modern man has created). Foundation brushes progressed from the flat square to a duo fiber stippling brush and to a dome shaped blending brush. I tried brushes from MAC to Sephora to Eco Tools and Real Techniques. While some were great and others awful none of them met my needs. That was until I met it… the foundation brush I had been seeking for over 10 years. 

The brush that was sent to me by the makeup angels is the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush. I initially saw the brush on two beauty blogs. The girls raved about it and they consistently used the brush in all of their tutorial videos. I thought I would go check it out and see what it is all about. I was able to try it out at my local Bobbi Brown counter and I was astonished…. no streaks? no random hairs on my face? foundation melting into my skin? how could this be?  I knew it would be an investment as the price point on the brush is not low by any means. However, it was money well spent.

 This is the most versatile brush I have ever encountered and honestly no brush compares. You are able to blend foundation right into your skin leaving a natural finish. I also use it for concealer application. I place the concealer on my face and then  stipple with the brush. No matter the texture or coverage of the foundation from full to bb creams this brush blends perfectly.  For the year I have owned it the brush has never shed and it washes beautifully.  I can not say enough good things about this brush. I literally forced one of my best friends to buy it last spring when we were shopping. After she used it she noticed the same things too. 
I have used this consistently for over a year almost everyday… I would choose it in a heart beat over any sponge or brush. Also a fun little tip, once you have finished your makeup if you spray a setting spray or a little rose water on the brush you can then press the brush on to your face giving you a more natural and flawless look! 

What is your favorite way to apply foundation? 

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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  1. I think I know who this friend is haha. Seriously this is the best brush ever! I’ve also had it for over a year and use it every day and it’s in great condition! Thanks for introducing me to this brush and to dr jart Bb cream that I use it with!

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