Memory Lane// Mame

Dear Beautiful, 

Does a beauty product ever send you down memory lane? For me, it happens all the time. It could be the first blush I ever used, the face cream one of my best friends, a lipstick my grandmother always had, or the faint smell of my grandparents who have passed. 

This happened to me recently when I was working. I was at the register and a woman came up to purchase items. I instantly smelled my grandmother, Mame is what we called her. The scent was overpowering, I so badly wanted to ask her what she was wearing but knew it would be insanely creepy. The smell of my grandmother sent me back to the days when I was younger. I remembered the times we would talk on the phone laughing hysterically, the times when she would visit and we would paint portraits, the times she would pay the grandkids 25 cents to find her address book and extra 25 cents for her teeth, and of the time we drove around my small town looking for a garage sale and ended up lost in the country on some dirt road with what appeared to be a meth house in front of us. All the while her screaming we were going to die. It transported me to happy times and reminded me of my love for makeup. 

I often find myself buying beauty products she would have loved or ones she used. She always wore rose perfume and had bright lips. Last year I went to the Chanel counter and they had a beautiful magenta I instantly gravitated towards. It was from the the Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour collection. All the lipsticks were named after friends or family members of Coco Chanel. I asked to try the lipstick on and the sales woman told me it was named after Jean, Coco’s friend who was an artist. It was at that moment I knew I had to purchase it regardless of how it looked on me. I asked the sales woman to repeat herself and then I proceeded to tell her Mame’s name was Jean and she loved painting. The woman at the counter stated she got chills and applied the color with excitement.  Jean was perfect and I loved it. 

Makeup and beauty products have always meant so much more to me than just being objects. They remind me of times or of people who have gone. Makeup is always able to transport me down memory lane, a place I need to go sometimes. 

What beauty products send you down memory lane? 


Kelsey Kelly 


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