New Year, New Hair, New Me

Dear Beautiful,

About two Saturdays ago I went to the salon for a haircut. I said goodbye to my angled bob and hello to a pixie cut. A few days prior to my appointment I saw pictures of Julianne Hough and Kaley Cuoco. Both girls had pixie cuts that I absolutely loved. Julianne’s was much shorter so I decided to go with Kaley’s instead.  I walked into the salon and 45 minutes later I walked out a new woman.

People often say after a bad breakup or after a chapter in their life has ended, they find it extremely liberating to cut their hair. I have not gone through a bad breakup but I would like to believe a chapter in my life has closed. So what better way than to celebrate by cutting all my hair off?

I was absolutely terrified and excited at once. The last time I had a pixie cut I was in middle school. I remember hating it then because boys on the school bus would make fun of me for having short hair. I could not understand why they did not think Mandy Moore was so cool and why I wanted to have hair just like her!! A walk to remember anyone? Looking back now, the cut was so chic for a girl in middle school who lived in a small town. Walking out of the salon this time and into the real world was a totally different feeling. I feel so confident with my new hair and I can not stop looking at it. I feel like I finally look my age, people assume I am so much younger than I actually am… I may enjoy that in 5 years but I do not right now.

The only downside to my hair now is it does require a lot of product and styling. I can no longer wash and go… or no wash and go. It is just not an option unless I want to look like a little troll doll. I will say though, the extra 15 minutes is so worth it for hair I love and that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn or a chic Parisian woman… because I mean, that is the dream after all.

If you could make a drastic change to your hair what would you do, and what is stopping you?


Kelsey Kelly



  1. It’s beautiful on you. šŸ™‚ I’ve cut my hair this week. I didn’t make any specific haircut but I wanted to cut the “dead ends” and bangles. To make my hair fresh, and most of all, to make an act which says “I love you and i care about you”. šŸ™‚ I’d love my hair to grow long as I often have them short. But it’s fun to read you coz last night, I dreams that I had short and very lively hair, light and dense šŸ™‚

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