Maybelline\\ Vivid Matte Liquid

Dear Beautiful,

It seems like everyone is in search for that Kylie Jenner dark nude lip. It is a new take on the 90’s look of brown liner and nude lip everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Naomi Campbell wore.  Thankfully-it is not as heinous as the 90’s. Recently, Kylie launched her own lip kit in various shades and they sold out instantly. They are sold for $29 online at While I was wandering the beauty isle at my local drugstore I came across a little gem that looked to be identical to Kylie’s lip products; Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid.

A while back, I saw the Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks featured on the Maybelline Instagram. They looked to be right up my alley, gorgeous color and matte finish. Obviously I was ecstatic when I saw the lipsticks in the store. I naturally gravitated towards “nude thrill.” It is a beautiful brown rose color. The lipsticks come in chic packaging and apply seamlessly. There are no globs of product on the applicator and it offers a long term wear. I have been wearing it most days with a natural eye and minimal blush. I really want to try the dark plum color as it looks incredible. I highly recommend for you to check out the colors especially the nude thrill. It is a much cheaper take on the “Kylie lip.”


Kelsey Kelly


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