Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Dear Gorgeous,
For the past month my skin has been transforming before my eyes. I entered the new year with hyperpigmentation caused by acne, redness, active acne, and dull rough skin. After consistently using a facial cleanser for a month I can already see a big difference. There is minimal redness, no active acne, my hyper pigmentation is slowly fading, and my skin is so smooth. I can thank all of this to Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

Oskia is a brand based out of London who has a strong following there. Oskia was founded by Georgie Cleeve and uses 98% natural ingredients in all their products. Oskia products have been featured in countless beauty bloggers YouTube channels and on their blogs as well. I personally came across the cleansing gel via Caroline Hirons blog. I highly recommend you check out her blog, she is a straight up skincare genius.

I had searched the Internet to find a place in the United States that sells this product and thus far the only website I can find is beautybay.com. This cleanser is gel to oil and a little goes a long way. You apply it to dry skin and it removes all traces of makeup leaving your skin soft and glowing. I personally remove my makeup first with a cleanser, dry my skin, then apply two pumps to my skin. I prefer this method as I get a deeper cleanse and it is such a luxurious product that I want to use it on my bare skin with no barriers. After you massage this into your skin you then take a little water and the oil turns to a milky emollient. From there I continue to massage into my skin then rinse and pat dry. The cleanser contains incredibly good for your skin ingredients including pumpkin enzymes, vitamins A,C, and E. I can not say enough good things about this product and its ability to transform skin for the best. The only complaint I do have is the price. By no means is this a cheap product, costing $36. I was fortunate enough to receive it as a Christmas gift.  But if you are feeling like pampering yourself then why are you still reading this?? Go buy this cleanser now!!!


Kelsey Kelly


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  1. Hi Kelsey! Sure wish u were coming to this Cousin Reunion here in CA. I would love to see u!! Glad to see u r up and running again with ur new post!! Love from ur Gorgeous Aunt Yane

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