The Perfect Nude


Dear Gorgeous,

I am constantly on the search for a really good nude lipstick. I can never find the perfect one. Most tend to make me look like I am dying of hypothermia or I am a corpse. While I have found some pretty decent ones, Buxom in Sydney and Tarte, these tend to lean on the darker side.

While I was browsing Sephora I checked out the Marc Jacobs counter. I got a sample of a Marc Jacobs eyeliner a while back and hated it. It was their stick gel liner and lasted for about 20 minutes on my eyelids. This sort of turned me off to all of his cosmetic line but I thought I would give it a try again. Boy am I glad I did!!! I saw the Marc Jacobs Lip Gel Rouge in 106 Mood Margot tester was highly used and in my eyes that’s always a good thing. I tried it out on my lips and got instantly giddy. It is my perfect nude!!! I have been wearing it just about every day and not only is it hydrating it’s really long lasting. The pigment is perfect it can be more sheer if you do one layer or a bit more pigmented if you do two. This is a very silky lipstick and goes on so smoothly. I find nude lipsticks can be a bit chalky and unnatural. This is not the case with the Marc Jacobs Lip Gel Rouge.

Let me know what your favorite nude is!!!

Kelsey Kelly



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