Dear Beautiful,

I am currently home on a wonderful vacation. Today my parents and I ventured to a town nearby on Lake Ontario, Sackets Harbor. It was gorgeous on the lake with sailboats lining the marina.


After touring the quaint little town we made our way to the local mall. If you know anything about me then you know my love for malls. While walking through we came across a store called Accessorize. My mom wandered in and I followed suit. I instantly fell in love with this place.

It’s as the name says, all accessories. I found an adorable pair of earrings that were 50% off. The store itself has super chic items. Their bags are to die for and I fell madly in love with about 12 of them. While the store was wonderful and basically me, it was a bit too overpriced. Their sale prices should have been their normal prices. That being said I would still shop there anytime I came across one.

The clerk said that there are 66 stores in the states and thousands internationally. The store is based out of London. They are a sister store of Lipsy and another store I believe called Jennyfer.

Needless to say I have found a new favorite store. If you have one near you or come across one on your travels you should definitely check it out!!!!


Kelsey Kelly


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