The Perfect Summer Base


Dear Beautiful,

A few years ago I was watching QVC and they were talking about the cosmetic brand IT Cosmetics. I was in awe seeing the amazing results these women were having with these products. From there on out I became obsessed. I would read all about the products and just dream of the day I could try them. Well… a few months back my dreams became a reality. IT Cosmetics became available in ULTA. I immediately ran there and tried all the products out on my hand. There were some I loved some I felt eh about.

One of the products I loved was the CC Cream. CC Cream, for those who don’t know, is a color corrective cream. They are geared towards evening out skin tones and offer a bit more coverage than that of a BB cream.

This CC Cream however is out of this world!!! Not only does the color match perfectly to my skin but the coverage and texture is insane!! It is wonderfully moisturizing and easy to blend. While one pump does not completely cover my hyperpigmentation, caused by acne, a little concealer does the trick. This is an extremely moisturizing product and those with dry skin would love it. I have more oily skin but a little powder on top does the trick.

I am absolutely in love with the CC Cream and it’s perfect for the summer time. This IT Cosmetics CC Cream as it has an SPF of 50, which is great all year round but even more so in the warmer months. Everyone should be wearing sunscreen on their face, especially people with dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Sunscreen prevents those spots from getting darker and creating new ones.

Let me know if you have tried any of the IT cosmetics!


Kelsey Kelly


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