The Confession of a Sephoraholic


Dear Beautiful,

Today I wandered into Sephora. I have been having breakouts over the past two days and I did not have anything at home for them. I thought I would scope out the First Aid Beauty Brand and grab a couple things.

About 3 or 4 years ago I discovered the brand First Aid Beauty. It’s a brand geared towards sensitive skin and does not contain skin irritating ingredients such as fragrance, sulfates, or the miserable parabens. At first I used the cleanser, the only one they had at the time, it was terrific. First Aid Beauty was the perfect light cleanser that did not irritate my skin but instead calmed it down. I then quickly discovered the Ultra Repair Cream. I actually think my mom used it first, and I eventually ended up stealing it from her. This cream gets rid of any dry patches within days and does not make your skin oily but instead really balanced and hydrated. I absolutely love this moisturizer and it is my go to for face and body. One of my cousins also raves about it!

Recently I have seen First Aid Beauty products all over blogs and Youtube. While I was browsing I noticed they came out with products more geared towards breakouts. While I may be 24 I am still dealing with acne, I’ve come to terms it’s just never going to go away. Lots of beauty bloggers said it had helped their skin so I have high hopes that it will help mine too! ( I will keep you posted) I love all of their other products so I suggest you check them out.

If you do I highly recommend you try the oatmeal mask, cleanser, ultra repair cream, and the detox mask they are all amazing!!

Also, Sephora usually has value sets of First Aid Beauty with full size products for a fraction of the cost. And another side note for the ultra repair cream, you can buy a tub for about $24 or $28 or you can get the smaller tube for $12. I use the smaller tube as I feel it is more sanitary and it is cheaper.

Let me know what you try!!!

Kelsey Kelly


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