Cherie Blossom

Mi Cherie,

My dream spring day would entail me strolling around Central Park on a beautiful spring afternoon. As my tea length skirt brushes against my legs I can smell the sweet scent of the cherry blossoms. The trees have bloomed and line the path I follow. Children are laughing and birds are singing. I find a nice tree to sit under and immerse myself into a book.

While not everyone has the luxury of going to Central Park to admire and smell the cherry blossom trees. Everyone can smell like her very own cherry blossom tree. I have discovered a new perfume called Cherie Blossom and the genius behind my perfect spring scent is Harvey Prince.  The scent is very feminine with the tones of pink grapefruit and cherry blossom. It also lends a bit of darkness and mystery with undertones of musk and vanilla. The perfume is quiet strong so I advise you to just put the perfume on your pulse points. I have been wearing it everyday and it is my new go to spring scent. I like to think it puts me that much closer to my dream spring day.

What is your dream spring day?


Kelsey Kelly


Please Note: This post is sponsored by BirchBox



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