My Day with Chanel





Dear Beautiful,

It is always a lovely, magical, enchanting Saturday when you spend it with the one and only Chanel. This morning I ventured to Barnes and Noble to look for a book. Upon arriving I naturally gravitated to the biography section and found a gem of a book. Its called “Coco Chanel The Legend and The Life” and it’s quite possibly my new favorite book. I began reading through it and became engrossed in the history of who Gabrielle Chanel was as a person. A person I adore, admire, and respect. They spoke of her apartment in Paris, one I dream of stepping into one day, her family, her recreation of beauty as the world had once seen before and her beliefs on the fashion world. I was enthralled by all of it and had a difficult time putting it down.


After my time reading the novel I made a little stop at my local Chanel counter to pay homage to Coco. The women at the counter were as lovely as always and gave me a full-blown makeover! I was in heaven. After complimenting me on my skin, they know a way to a girl’s heart, I asked to try on a lipstick I have been obsessed with for the past few months, chic. It in the tube it’s probably one of the most disgusting colors I have ever seen but when on the lips it’s absolutely gorgeous! To compliment the natural shade of the lipstick they also applied Les Beiges, a bronzer, in number 40 along with Rose Bronze Blush. The blush alone perked up my face and gave me an indescribable glow. The women at the counter stated it is Chanel’s number one selling blush and I can see why. The bronzer was a beautiful color, no shimmer, no orange, just perfection. I highly encourage all of you to go to your local Chanel counter and explore all the beautiful treats.



Kelsey Kelly



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