“You’re a goddamn treasure whether you wanna believe it or not”

Dear Beautiful,

Throughout my life I have always strived to see the beauty in everyone and everything. In todays society it seems more important now than ever. We live in a world that is constantly setting unrealistic standards of beauty for women and girls. Society tells us perfect skin, straight teeth, frizz free hair, a size smaller than 6, and so on, and so forth are what make us beautiful. But that is just not true. While all those things are fine and dandy they don’t define who you are.

I, by the grace of God, was raised on the foundation that who I am as a person is what truly matters and that is what defines me. My uniqueness, my brains, my passion, my kindness, my confidence; that is what makes me beautiful. Growing up those around me never pressured me to be anyone other than myself. While I love makeup and fashion and could talk about it for days, I was never told a little mascara will make you prettier or dropping some pounds will make me more attractive. If anything my parents encouraged me less is more with makeup and that my body is a temple and I need take care of it. I have always admired my parents for that. For letting me discover myself on my own.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed more and more businesses creating ads stating its what is inside of you that is beautiful. Dove has a new commercial of girls taking unfiltered and un-edited “selfies” with their mothers. Arie launched a new ad campaign with real girls un-airbrushed. They are creating change and seeing the beauty in everyone. I came across a video the other day by Savannah Brown. In the video she is reciting a poem she wrote about the stigmas and beliefs society has on beauty. It is extremely profound.

I hope you too are able to see the beauty in yourself, to love yourself, and to embrace all the things that make you you.

You are beautiful.

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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