Elizabeth and James Nirvana: Black

Blog 012

Dear Gorgeous,

I am pretty positive any girl who grew up in the 90’s was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I know I was, I had their barbie, makeup, clothes, and all the movies. As Mary Kate and Ashley grew up into fashion Gods my love for them only grew. I would die for a bag from The Row and Elizabeth and James clothing? Out of this world. So naturally when they launched their new perfume I HAD to go see it. It was love a first site.

I am a girl who likes a darker scent; amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk are my dream team. The notes in the “black” perfume are violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. The perfume is sold exclusively at Sephora. The larger perfume bottle is sleek, sophisticated and just oozes chic. Much like Mary Kate and Ashley. I imagine Ashley wears the black perfume while shopping at Barney’s on a rainy Sunday morning… she is my favorite after all.

I will definitely be wearing this perfume everyday. What is your favorite perfume?

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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