All natural

Mi Amor,

As I previously mentioned I have very temperamental skin. After much research and trial and error I have been able to find the culprits to my skin woes. I like to call them my skinemies; parabens, fragrance, mineral oil, and sulfates. So as a result I have gone for the all natural approach to skin care. I use honey as a face wash, baking soda as an exfoliate, apple cider vinegar as a toner, tea tree oil as a spot treatment. Oh… hmm.. odd… no moisturizer? Well don’t be silly! Of course I use a moisturizer I would just about die if I didn’t.  Let me introduce you to my friend named Bogavia.

Bogavia is an all natural brand that has products ranging from moisturizer and face washes to candles. There body wash lotion smell so unbelievably good and feel so luxurious. I like to use the Bogavia essential facial moisturizer day and night. It’s extremely hydrating with no harsh chemicals. It has become one of my favorite moisturizer and I don’t think I could ever look back now. I highly recommend for you to check out their products.  I hope you enjoy!

You can purchase the product at

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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