NPA (nail polish anonymous)



My name is Kelsey and I am an addict. My drug of choice? Nail Polish. I have an entire large makeup bag filled with the colors of the rainbow. If you want purple, I got it. If you want black, I am your girl. If you want blue, oh why look at the 20 I have. I admit its a problem. I admit I buy a new polish minimally once a month. But I mean, whose complaining? Its therapeutic! Just sitting with some music playing, a candle burning, mindlessly painting those dainty nails of yours.  So alas,  here I am admitting my addiction and quite frankly why get help for myself when I can help others?? So here I go… helping the greater mankind… one step closer to prettier nails… I bring to you my top three favorite colors.

Essie, Ladylike

This color is amazing. That’s it. Point blank. Period on the end of that sentence. This is one of the prettiest shades of colors. I instantly feel 20 more times like a lady with this color on my nail. I basically feel like Coco Chanel. It is the epitome of class, elegance, and beauty. I love this color so much so that I have two jars.

OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark

Edgy. That’s what I think of when I am wearing this color. It is a dark purple that borders on the line of black. While some may fear black nail polish, thinking  its too gothic (not the case for me). I suggest this color to add some rocker edge to your style. I feel as though Bianca Jagger would have worn this to Studio 54.

Deborah Lippman, Its raining men

Parisian chic. There is nothing that quite rivals that Parisian chic elegance. I dream of traveling to Paris and living that lifestyle for a few months. The endless amount of beautiful French makeup, skin care, and fashion that consistently blows my mind. In my dream I am at a French café enjoying a Ladurée macaron with Anna Wintour while conversing over the Prada fashion show we just saw. She compliments me on my lovely red nails. I say in return oh, why thank you Ann (that’s what I call her) its Deborah Lippman, its raining men. In my mind that is how I picture it… I am sure one day it will happen.

So while I may be an addict to nail polish, at least I am an addict who some days feels like Coco Chanel and other days like Bianca Jagger. All while dreaming of going to Paris to see a Prada fashion show and eat macarons with the editor of Vogue.

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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