Oh Mascara I love you so.


My Darling,

I once heard a story about an author who’s book was turned into a movie. The night had come for the big Hollywood premier where she would be picture perfect lashes and all. She got all dolled up put on some fake eyelashes and off to the red carpet she went. Well, minor problem, by the time she got to the red carpet she had an allergic reaction to the lash glue and her eyes were swollen shut. Not a good look. I live in fear of this happening to me! So instead of piling on the fake lashes I pile on the greatest invention since the back scratcher, mascara!

I admit, I have an unhealthy love and amount of mascara and I could perhaps be a tad bit obsessive. If there is a new mascara I HAVE to try it. So, if you are like me and just cant get enough of luxurious lashes I have included some of my favorites.

Lancôme, Hypnose Drama

When I want my lases to be extra long I pull out this bad boy. A fresh face with no eye shadow and just this is simply divine.

Chanel, Le Volume De Chanel

This is so amazing. Its Chanel, its mascara, enough said.

Maybelline, Full ‘N Soft

This stuff is five dollars and it is SO good! It makes your lashes look natural yet plush and desirable.

So go work those lashes your momma gave you!

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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