My Inner Audrey


Dear Beautiful,

Whenever I want to feel classy and feminine I embrace my inner Audrey. I throw on some pearls, some little black flats, red lipstick, and imagine myself to be the late great Audrey Hepburn. Every girl should feel like Audrey at least once in her life, or in my case about every day. I dream of eating a scone outside of Tiffany’s in the City on a Sunday morning admiring the beautiful jewels.

To help you feel like Audrey I have listed some of my favorite red lipsticks.

 MAC, Chili

This is quite possible on the best matte red lipsticks I have come across. Four words: Rachel Zoe loves it. *dies*

Chanel, Pirate

Next to Audrey my other beauty/fashion icon is Coco Chanel. Chanel is the epitome of class, and nothing is classier than a red lipstick.

Stila, Lover

This is one of the easiest red lipsticks to apply. Its a crayon like design and it just glides on to your lips. I saw a woman in Sephora wearing this and naturally I had to buy the same color… its divine.

Hourglass, Icon

This is the most original lipstick I have ever come across. It comes out as a gloss and dries as a gorgeous stain. It literally looks like you were born with gorgeous red lips. This lipstick also lasts all day no matter what… need I say more?

Now your on your way to feeling like Audrey!

 Love, Kelsey Kelly



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