Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Dear Gorgeous,

I first encountered eye shadow when I was three; it was bright blue. The Picasso in me viewed my face as a canvas. Sadly, there is nothing more tragic than a three year old running around in a diaper, pearls, bright blue eye shadow, and red lipstick everywhere but her lips. Picture wise, super adorbs, an every day make-up pallet? Not so much. Fortunately for planet earth my mom decided a three year old walking around like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show wasn’t the best idea and ended that phase. Unfortunately my tragic love for blue eye shadow resurrected itself when I was in the eighth grade. I remember it fondly, it was the age of frosted bright blues and pinks and the eye shadows were a mere 99 cents.  I would diligently use the plastic applicators with the spongy tops and wipe those heinous colors over my poor eyelids. Off to school I go thinking I was the coolest girl in town because my mom let me wear makeup. After months of beauty suicide my mom suggested a more natural route of  eye shadows. Begrudgingly I abided and as fate would have it I discovered the natural eye. Farewell  Mimi, hello gorgeous!

CoverGirl, Shimmering Sands

I love CoverGirl eye shadows. Their pigmentation is out of this world and rivals  MAC. Shimmering Sands is by far one of my favorites. It is very natural looking although be for warned the name is shimmering sands so naturally there is shimmer in it which is not always flattering for older women.

Urban Decay, Naked Palette

Oh the Naked Palette. I remember when this first came out and you couldn’t buy it anywhere; it was constantly sold out. For good reason too. This is the mecca of all eye shadows. Every natural color you could ever need is in this magical velvet rectangle box. There are mattes, shimmers,  glitters, and I am pretty sure magic fairy dust. My favorite color combination is sin all over the lid and then naked in the crease.

MAC, All that glitters/Woodwinked/Sable

Talk about the trifecta of eye shadows. All three are sold individually. Together they make the most gorgeous natural eye. I like to place all that glitters all over my lid and bring down to my lower lash line. Then I place woodwinked in the crease of my eye and then sable on the outer edge. MAC makes some of the best eye shadows around they blend beautifully and last all day.

Love, Kelsey Kelly


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